A UL Classified enclosure for IBC Fire / Life Safety and Energy Efficiency Code requirements

Innovative Drywall Solutions' LiteHouse provides a high-quality fire-resistant fixture enclosure that is UL Classified for 1HR Fire-Rated Floor-Ceiling designs and offers customers a product that is superior in construction and lower in cost than an enclosure system built on-site. Read more about our certification at Underwriters Laboratories: LiteHouse Certification

The LiteHouse is designed to meet building code requirements across the country. It protects the floor/ceiling assembly from malfunctioning or overheating light fixtures and prohibits the spread of fire to the substructure and adjacent floors.

The LiteHouse also meets US Department of Energy mandated energy efficiency requirements for light fixtures placed in ceilings of commercial and residential buildings. It forms an air-tight barrier between conditioned living spaces and unconditioned attic spaces to help reduce energy loss. These building envelope requirements are detailed in the following codes:
•2003, 2006 International Building Code (IBC)
•2003, 2006 International Residential Code (IRC)
•2003, 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
•Title 24 of the 2005 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Superior Energy Savings

Sealing your building against air leaks can save you money and installing the LiteHouse can help.

The LiteHouse family of recessed light fixture enclosures are the only UL Classified enclosures manufactured with fire resistant gypsum wallboard that are both fire resistant and air-tight.

Noise Control Solutions

Acoustical Solutions for impact and ambient noise problems featuring the RSICTM sound isolation clip and the QuietLite can be found by visiting our friends at PAC International, Inc. www.pac-intl.com . See how their superior acoustical products can help eliminate sound and noise transmission in your next building project. Safe and quiet, a nice combination.